*After 75 years  New life for Belize Swing Bridge   "starting April 1998"
Mennonite contractor, Abe Bannan, 59, was contracted by the Government to build a temporary bridge and repair the Old Belize Swing Bridge. at a cost of approximately one million dollars.
Banman has built a number of bridges in Belize, including the San Roman Bridge at Albion Island and the Maypen Bridge in the Belize District. His most recent work has been the Busman Arnold Bridge near Mile 60 on the Western Highway.
During the nine month repair period the Swing Bridge was closed completely to both pedestrians and motor traffic.  
The Swing Bridge included a changed of the whole decking.  The repairs included re-placement of steel beams with galvanized substitutes, repairs to the bridge's superstructure and repairs to the massive rollers on the turntable so as to allow for smoother movement when the bridge is being swung.
Swing Bridge, looking at old steel parts taking from between the cement 
Paslow Building on the north side of Bridge
1922 July 28th,  A Temporary wooden bridge across the river at Belize declared open at noon.  This bridge was used during the dismantling of the old and the erection of the new swing bridge.
1940's, days when traffic used to be driving on the left side of the street
Belize Swing Bridge manually turned by men for river traffic to past from the main harbor every day (in the morning and evening)
Built to allow the passage of fishermen to and from the main harbour, this manually-operated swin bridge has faitfully stopped morning and evening traffic every day since 1923.
1961 Hurricane Hattie "The Swing Bridge under water.
Major repair on Swing Bridge 1998
Temporary bridge span across the river from next to Mike's Club on Regent Street West to Texaco Gas Station on the Northside 
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Swing Bridge  History
1859 New Wood bridge erected across the river  at Belize harbor  to replace the one built in 1818
1923  April 11th, at a cost of $84.000.00 new
swing bridge across the Belize River, open.
1818  March 9th,   "The Grand Belize Bridge" First known bridge to built  across at the river mouth of Belize was completed.
Her Majesty Government granted £1,000, towards the cost for building,