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I have never met Mr. Lloyd Pipersburg in per¬son, but I have spoken to him several times by phone since I became league Secretary. This gentleman, at 78 years, has a wealth of knowledge in regards to the British Honduras Volunteer Guard, and the Belize Volunteer Guard
Lloyd was first subjected to 'military discipline' whilst attend¬ing Ebenezer school, when he became a member of the 1st Belize Company of Boy's Brigade (Wesley), under the late Major James Locke. It was therefore easy for him at an older age to join the Guard, and ended up in the band as a trumpeter. He had studied music before he joined under Walther Percival Musgrave Lamb. He recalls being the lead trumpeter in the Melody Swingers Band, playing at the Riverside Hall, Pickwick Club and Newtown among other dance halls. He also played with the Imperial band, which played a lot of classical music for shows.

Within the Guard, Lloyd rose to the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1 (Bandmaster), a rank held by very few men! On completion of twelve consecutive years of efficient service, he was presented with the efficiency medal by Sir Peter Stallard, then Governor of Belize, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth 11. One of his Commandants was Lieutenant Colonel T.L. Bowring, who was also in charge of the Public Works.

"If you wanted a job at Public Works, you joined the Volunteer Guard!" Lloyd exclaimed. "You would get to leave work early on Tuesdays and Thursdays, put on your uniform and go to the Militia Headquarters for training."
He believes that the concept of discipline in and out of uniform contributed significantly to indi¬viduals of the Guard being better citizens. Lloyd went on to say that back then, parents and the community acting as guardians, worked together for the common good (discipline) in the rearing of children. The view held was that if you did something wrong, you would be bringing shame on the family.

His wife of 51 years, Olivia Pipersburg nee Amaya, is the daughter of a former Guardsman, Petronillo Amaya. They have three daughters and a son, Lloyd Jr., who has nineteen years service with the New York Police Department. After twenty years service in the Guard, they migrated to the United States of America. Lloyd was a founding member of the Belize Ex -- Servicemen League of New York, and has served as Secretary and President during his time. Presently, he is retired (but not tired!) and residing in Coral Springs, Florida.


The Belize Ex-Servicemen’s League of New York Inc.  

is proud to honor Mr. Lloyd Pipersburg
in Vol: 3  issue's 

PROFILE. August 2010
Mr. Lloyd Pipersburg
Belize Ex-Servicemen's League of New York Inc.
The Belize Ex-Servicemen's League of New York Inc.
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