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We at the Belize Caye Fest wishes to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Belize's first Prime Minister, and Father of the Nation, George Cadle Price. The Belizean Prime Minister, who stands out as one of the longest reigning leaders in the Caribbean region, is the first and only Belizean Prime Minister to have accepted an invitation to attend one of the festivals, and touched the hearts of Belizeans in Los Angeles with his vibrant presence. We are very grateful for the work that he has done for the Belizean people at home and abroad. May God help us to always remember his humility and strength in this somber time, and to follow in his noble footsteps  


Final and Historic visit in 1991 by Belize Prime Minister Rt Hon George C Price and his delegation to Los Angeles California. This visit includes a reception at City Hall where Mayor Tom Bradley extended the Key of the city to Mr Price, a visit to KPFK radio station for interviews on "Belize Caribbean Pulse", Manual Arts High School, various Belizeans Businesses, Formal Banquet with Belizeans, Investors Dinner/seminar, Church service followed by a brunch and culminated with "Belize Caye Fest" where he interacted with thousands of Belizeans. 
Submitted by Former Honorary Consul of Belize in Los Angeles during that time: Ernesto B Castillo

These Photos were taken this morning 9/24/2011 at approximately 7am or little thereafter. The Nation of Belize mourns the passing of the First Prime Minister and Father of the Nation who fought to gain Independence.
By: Will Moreno
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