bredda "DAVID" OBI is another of the leading musicians in his home country of Belize. The music Bredda David brings to the world is Kungo Muzik. He explains,"This muzik is one of the heart beats felt out of Afrika coming by way of Belize" Since his debut album in 1984, "No Fear" which he wrote and produced, Bredda David has been consistent with his revolutionary blend of muzik. Hits from that album were "Experience" and "Belize; videos of both songs are available. In 1989 bredda "DAVID" OBI was invited to perform at 2nd annual BELIZE CAYE FEST in Los Angeles. 

bredda "DAVID" OBI (creator of Kungo Muzik) as he is popularly known in Belize as the most Revolutionary Musician in this small Central America Caribbean Country bounded on the East by the Caribbean Sea on the North by Mexico and on the South and West by Guatemala.

bredda "DAVID" OBI & Tribal Vibes is bringing to his people and the world this muzik called "Kungo Muzik", which has the richness of several other muzik including the traditional "Belize Kriol (Creole) Music" also the pulsating drum rhythms of Mama Africa that will rock you from the very first moment you hear the muzik

bredda "DAVID" OBI was born in Belize City and grew up in Dangriga the Musical Capital of Belize which has produced most of the creative musicians, and this is partially credited to the preservation of the African Culture in this part of the country. OBI has also lived in the USA for a period of time where he gained lots of his experience which he is now sharing Nationally and Internationally.

"Nkrumah" David’s son started playing muzik in the early 80’s. He started out playing Drums in the band called Unity. There he played, learned and developed deep interest in becoming a professional drummer Today as the drummer for Tribal Vibes, Nkrumah also sings , write, arranged original muzik which could be heard on Bredda David & Tribal Vibes latest releases.

Glen Matura who plays the bass guitar and backing vocal joined the group in 1992

In 1984 Bredda David released his first album boldly entitled No Fear on Big Time Records and Tapes of Hollywood in Los Angeles.
This album revolutionized the music of Belize drastically. From that time the -muzik in Belize has never been the same. It was like "Kungo wid de music" meaning (Let's go with the muzik). Hits from that album were tunes title "Experience and "Belize". The song "Belize" eventually became like a second national anthem the way it was being performed, and "Experience" was our first Belizean Pop Classic written, arranged and produced by a Belizean. bredda "DAVID" OBI second album which was rightfully named "Kungo Muzik" which means in Kriol "Let's go with the muzik"  soon hit the charts with song like "Belizean Breeze" in which Obi sings and talks about the naturalness and Beauty of his country, Belize. This song is used by the Tourist Industry often to depict the beauty and serenity of Belize also as it is more of a ballad than the up tempo of Kungo Muzik. Because of David's versatility, the song "Sunshine" which used the reggae beat, was also a big hit with the reggae lovers in Belize and the Positive message as usual in OBI's music. Videos are also available on all these songs mentioned and a few live concerts videos while on tour in Mexico and USA, 

bredda "DAVID" OBI first biggest hit came when he teamed up with Caye Records (a Belizean Record company promoting Belizean Muzik out of Los Angeles.)     In 1991 the album entitled "We No Wa No KIMBA" was released and Belizeans everywhere were supporting and dancing to the muzik. The songs Kimba & Belize became theme songs for the radio program "Belize Caribbean Pulse" on radio KPFK in Los Angeles.

The groups next album "Kungo Rock the World" was released on Toucan Records and did well on the charts in Belize. Hits from that album included Tribal Vibes (de ya, we ina yu area)" meaning "Tribal Vibes is here, we are in, your area". Bredda David and Tribal vibes recording was released on Cubola Records title "Bredda David & Tribal Vibes" have performed in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, USA. Tour. They have appeared on BET (television program).

Bredda David @ Belize Caye Fest
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bredda "DAVID" OBI

bredda "DAVID" OBI

bredda "DAVID" OBI as he is popularly know in his Country and Internationally, was born 10-23-47 in Belize City and grew up in Dangriga the Culture Capital of Belize were music in very much apart of everyday life as the community is mainly people of African Heritage, Obi was raised by his Grand Aunt and Grand Uncle, after finishing primary school he move to Belize City to attend high school and lived with his aunt for that period of time after which he left for the USA like most people was doing at that time his Mother was living in New York city but David ended up staying with some relatives in Los Angeles, California he preferred over NY ,

Obi would come HOME every chance he got for holidays he did not give up his Roots (HOME) being apart of the earliest Belizean music scene David was apart of the second Belizean Band to be form in Los Angeles namely " ASTRO's" this band entertained the Belizean Community for many many years, but David was not satisfied with just doing that so he start doing additions with groups in the HOLLYWOOD, PASADENA, SANTA MONICA, SANTA BARBARA, and other parts of Northern California, while performing on the circuit round and about LA he attended L ATTC and majored in music for 2 and a half yrs, after which he decided to move to New York where he performed with two of the most popular Belizean Band in NY ( Norman Ysaguirre band and The WEB), after which he formed his own band name "SPACE RACE" which did a few gigs in Harlem , Brooklyn , Bronx and upstate NY, after a few years bredda David decided to move back to L A were he was just in time for the wave of REGGAE music that was about to sweep the west coast he was among the musician that shared the music all over the State as his band at that time rightfully name "UNITY " was also very popular on the Reggae Circuit after performing the circuit a few years 

David thought it was time to move to a higher level as some of his band members still had day jobs and this was starting to interfere with the progress of the band, in approx: one year after David decided to go Solo he had his first Album boldly entitled " NO FEAR" and was shopping in and around HOLLYWOOD and other places with his newly recorded music after a couple disappointments the record was picked up by BIG TIME RECORDS, which gave him a contract for manufacturing and Distribution, shortly after that Obi said it was time to leave for HOME this was August 1984.

The music was right on time and was greatly appreciated in Belize as this country had never before had one of it's musician, write, arrange ,produce put his own album jacket together and got a small but meaningful contract for his work from HOLLYWOOD, "BIG TIME RECORDS" this was very good for our Country and musicians, since that time things have only gotten better for bredda David as he started to put his new band Tribal Vibes together that would be represented Belize in many countries. 

Obi in 1990 recorded with Caye Records in Los Angeles ,Album and cassette titlle "We no wa no KIMBA ya".  Obi now has 5 released CD 3 record disc, and approx: 2 1/2  hours of Video footage which also promotes Belize Internationally as one of his songs Belizean Products was utilized by the BELIZE TOURIST BOARD ( BTB) as a promotional song for Tourism, not to mention other hits that he have written, Obi now has his HOME TOUR BUSINESS and Recording Studio in Dangriga where he lives with his FAMILY and only travels now on special occasions. He is presently working on the 2011 CD as the KUNGO MUZIK continues to grow and comfort more and more people in our world. 

bredda David touring band now consist of 9 musicians and 1 Engineer and his performances brings the BELIZEAN MUSIC SOUND mainly from the KRIOL ethnic group ( KUNGO <BRUKDONG< SAMBA! )but also does some Punta Rock and Paranda, when necessary, the group also tours with 6 members that's without Dancers and female backing Vocals. bredda David is also an original member of the historical group "ORCHESTRA de la CENTRO AMERICA" later called " "ORCHESTRA de la PAPAYA" there first CD release was signed with SONY LATINO and did intensive touring for approx; 6yrs. bredda "DAVID" and his band Tribal Vibes has also traveled to many country including Europe , USA, CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL AMERICA, MEXICO and many other places around the world thru Tourism and other outlets have comforted many people with there unique sound of music and POSITIVE lyrical content in the pass. There latest CD can be had at  Instrumentation: DRUMS (SET DRUMS, CONGAS, MARACAS, or COW BELL, BASS, KEYBOARDS, GUITAR, BACKING VOCALS and DANCERS 2 or 3 females,
Contact: 501-502-3489,602-3077 
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bredda "DAVID" OBI
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