Jesus Birthday, produced by Patrick Barrow / Caye Records
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Nicole Kimbrough
1. Don't wanna be
2. Dance up high
3. I miss you
All songs written by:
Nicole Kimbrough.

I am a R&B / Soul / Hip Hop singer, songwriter, model, dancer and actress. I’ve been in many product shows and commercials.

At about the age of three, I started singing at home, then church choir and at age 9, I started singing for Long Beach Midnight Basketball team, Red Ribbon Day at LB Health Department , The LB Unity Festival, The LB Aquarium of the Pacific, YMCA Ribbon cutting LB, Hollywood Celebrity Center, plus other entertainment companies .

I am being developed by Multi-Platinum Music Producer Barry Fasman former British Producer of the year. "Fame/Showtime at the Apollo", who is also the producer of Shelter from the Storm Records.


                                              I am slowly following his footsteps
"Missing You On Christmas Day"
I was inspired from a dream I had August 23rd 2010 at 10:30AM.  And at 4:30 AM that same morning Nicole dreamed about their being at a concert and she asked him to find her a good seat to see two girls she had performed with in the past. He nodded his head as if to say yes and showed her a seat and later when she looked in her hands there was a book with all his lyrics and she said “Oh, these are Grandpa's lyrics”.   He always wanted his "Dolly" to sing his songs. That was his name for Nicole, and mine was "Baby Ruth". My dream is that I was at some kind of event and he was standing to my left in silhouette, then a male voice came over a loud speaker saying. “Mr. Peters kiss every-one you love,” and I said to myself he should kiss the ones he loves first.  People were there because I saw a Yellow arm next to me but the rest was pitch black and from my left came a very white carriage on horses I could not see.  He saw the carriage and he took off running to it without saying goodbye, he ran very fast to it and left me crying and trying to reach his famous picture in his red shirt, that was on the side of the room that my family was in.   It took a while for Nicole and I to compose ourselves to sing and listen to this song. We are better now but we still get teary every-time this song plays.
.... Ruth Kimbrough
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Nicole Kimbrough