1.Under the Tree We Flourish
"Sub Umbra Floreo" ------
2. Tell Me Now   ----------
3. Under The Tree We Flourish (dub) --------
4. Tell Me Now (instrumental)  ------------------


1.Baymen's Glory ---------------
2. Brata ---------------------------
3. Baymen's Glory (dub) -------

Players of instruments:
Elihue Flowers Lead & Backing Vocals
Craig Tomblin:  Keyboards
Lesmond Sosa:  Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Derrick "Nkrumah" Smith:  Drums
Raymond Barrow:  Bass

All tracks were recorded, mixed and edited by: Bob Brown @ Advance Media System;  Assistant Engineer: Mike Sessa.

Mastered by: Eddy Schreyer at Capital Records, Hollywood, CA

Unity Productions would like to give thanks for the guidance of Bob Brown and David Hayes at  'Advance Media' in Orange, California.

Special Thanks to Barbara Flowers and Elwin Flowers.

"A new commandment I give unto you.  That ye love one another; as I have love you"     --- John: 13:34

Special thanks to vocalist:  Ezzart Acosta",   percussion: "Steve Obi and Edward Belisle",  rhythm guitar: "Hugh McDonald" on BRATA

Elihue Flowers with the Professionals in early 7
Elihue Flowers
the soul of Belize
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Elihue Flowers
the soul of Belize
Download Album (MP3) - $2.89
Elihue Flowers


Elihue Flowers
Unity Productions
Elihue Flowers & Unity
Ezy & Unity
UNITY feat. Rap Artist: B ARROW
Unity & david Obi  *OH YEAH wi coming

UNITY feat. Rap Artist: B ARROW
Artist: Unity
Album: Save the Children (feat. B-Arrow)  
Label: Caye Records/Barrowgang Music/Belize Music World/Unity Prod.

UPC: 886296234134
Album Id: SG-182694

Lead voc: RAP ARTIST  "B-Arrow" Steven Barrow , other vocals feat. Lesmond Sosa, Raymond Barrow. musician: L Soca, R  Barrow