Website Pumps Out A Hotmix of Belizean Music
……… Bilal Morris 

   Getting into the website is the main attraction. Barrow has uploaded his entire Belizean Music catalog, that he had recorded and co-produced since the 1970’s under his Record Label CAYE RECORDS. An ardent music enthusiast, musician, historian, producer and promoter of Belizean music and culture.   He weaves a bright and exciting episode of Belizean music history from page to page. Vinyl records of Belizean artists like Anthony RichardsPupa Curly and Babylon Warriors were converted from their analog quality to clean digital mp3 versions for those who search for these Belizean gems. From the renowned Andy Palacio and Mr. Peters to the fabulous Supa G and bredda David Obi, Belizean musical artists from Punta to Brukdong and Kungo Musik has found their place on 

 The web site invites everyone to come in and take a look. Whether you are buying and downloading Belizean music in Catalog or you’re searching for your special Belizean artists in Artist’s Corner, the site will please your fancy. And if you are those nostalgic Belizeans that just want to revisit yesterday and get a feel of how it was back then----you may want to check out Memory Lane.  There you will find some pretty nice Belizean memories and history. Highly recommended is Visit Belize and So Dem Seh, where the Belizean who is a tourist in their own country can explore some possibilities of places to go.

  In each genre of Belizean music has its own world and page. Just step on into Punta and hear the thumping Garifuna drums of this hot Belizean dance craze. Then click on Brukdong and Kungo Muzik and feel the heat of the Creole beat that blazes Belizean dance halls and clubs. In the mix is a spot for Reggae music lovers since some of the better reggae artists in the 1980’s and today are Belizeans. At the same time, check out the news and reviews about these artists and the music they mad.e
 Come on in and take a tour. Kungo!
   "Patrick Barrow"  
     Caye Records: Producer 

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  In cyberspace after an in-depth production since the 90’s, is the spicy website called that was launched by Caye Record’s (Patrick Barrow) during the middle of 2010. Filled with all things Belizean, apart from its exclusive music library, the site has been attracting music lovers around the world for its unique mix of Belizean-American music and culture.
   Its colorful and attractive front page expresses the artistic showcase that is reminiscent of the proud Belizean culture in the Diaspora and their passionate taste for music.
   Belizean culture, history and music is spread all over it like a proud peacock, and the titles and subtitles draws upon the visitor that something great is happening here. In it is the story of a people and their music that has no intention to go un-noticed.
Patrick Barrow
Kungo Muzik
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 Memory Lane
Visit Belize
So Dem Seh
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