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Edison Seferino Coleman
--- published by: Rene R. Villanueva, Sr.
Eddie 'Seferino' Coleman 

--- by Bilal Morris / Belizean Legend

The legendary Belizean broadcaster and comic, the late Eddie 'Seferino' Coleman stands out today as Belize's most entertaining broadcaster and comedian of all times. Seferino, as he is known among Belizeans of the 1960's, 70's and 80's, rose to become one of Belize's most articulate broadcasters during the days of the defunked Belize broadcasting institution, Radio Belize.
Not only could Coleman matched some of the best in Caribbean broadcasting being that he was a natural at it, but he could have stood shoulder to shoulder with some of the best Caribbean comedians of his time. Terribly funny, Coleman had the ability to move from serious journalistic presentations to an incredibly entertaining wrap-around that made him Belize's most entertaining broadcaster. He stole the hearts of many Belizeans who grew up under his voice on Radio Belize when radio became the sole medium of communication in Belize in the 1960's and 70's.
Belizean Legends presents this most revealing audio expose on the legendary Belizean entertainer captured in Los Angeles in 1987 at the Westmore Ballroom during one of his frequent visits to the Los Angeles Belizean Community.
A special thanks to Belize Music World through the courtesy of Patrick Barrow who documented the legendary Belizean broadcaster and comedian live at a Mother's Day event in Los Angeles. In this rare appearance in the Belizean diaspora, Seferino acknowledged the importance of the Belizean diaspora in the development of Belize, and brought nostalgia back to Belizeans who showed him much love.
The incredibly funny and entertaining Belizean legend, Sefe, is greatly missed for his wit and extraordinary talent as one who communicated a common theme of unity among Belizeans from all walks of life.

--- video audio recorded by: Patrick Barrow
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