Downtown Belize 1890

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Battlefield Park, September 10th 1940 (remembering the good old days)
Belize, Sept. 10th, 1940
Memory Lane  (starting 1638)
British Honduras  
Lighthouse at Half Moon Caye, built in 1820
Old Lighthouse 
@ Half Moon Caye, 
    built in 1820.   
Later in 1845 a new lighthouse was built with the brick foundation of the current lighthouse; which was completed in in 1848.   Further construction on the lighthouse continued in
1930 with the steel frame depicted in the picture .
Bella Carib (Coming Home Belize)
A view of Fort George, Belize 1842

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Mr Peters
Belize City 1914
Lighthouse at Half Moon Caye, built in 1820
Brukdong music
Kungo Muzik
 Memory Lane
Visit Belize
So Dem Seh
Artist's Corner
Belizean Patriots
I'm dat DJ