Bredda David 
Another of the leading musicians in his home country of Belize. The music BRO DAVID brings to the world is Cungo Music. He explains,"This music is one of the heart beats felt out of Afrika coming by way of Belize:' Since his debut album in 1984, "No Fear" which he wrote and produced, BRO DAVID has been consistent with his revolutionary blend of music.
  ---- Reggae Report Magazine
Babylon Warriors 
"As their name intimates, the Warriors serve up a very tasty brew of reggae.  Sweet pop melodies are anchored by a smooth yet pulsating rhythm section that defies you not to dance.  The uptempo energy fuels "Are You Feeling Alright?" like high octane in a sports car. 
The Warriors music doesn't roar;  it purrs.

Music Connection, Los Angeles, 
---Jeff Silberman
Established in 1885
The Angelus Press
---- still going strong

Mr. Burn expanded the printing business to include the sales of text books, slates, pencils.   He continued to operate in the same church building until about 1915.

He then moved the business to an existing building on the current Queen Street site.  The business was further expanded to include office supplies and stationery.

In 1923, the existing structure was replaced with a new building which is still a part of the current structure.

During the 1930s, the reins were passed to James' son, Andrew.  Along the way, business machines were to the product line.  During the mid 1970's,  Andrew turned the operation over to his daughter and son-in-law, Laura and James Currie.  1987 computer sales and support became part of the offering.  June, 1992 a new computer classroom and demonstration facility was completed. 
The Angelus Press was founded in 1885 by the expanding Catholic Diocese in order to publish their  newsletter, 
       The Angelus.  

By 1903, the Catholic Church had become well established and the news-letter was discontinued.  The printing equipment was purchased by an employee, James Dougal Burn.
The Belize 
Ex-Servicemen's League of 
New York Inc.

The Belize Ex-Servicemen's League of New York, Inc. was formed in June 1979 under the style and title of The Ex-Volunteer Guard Association of New York and was comprised principally of former members of The British Honduras Volunteer Guard, later renamed The Belize Volunteer Guard. It includes members and former members of The British Honduras Battalion of The North Caribbean Force; British Honduras Police Force; Defense Force, British Honduras Volunteers Guard; former members of HM Prison Service and The Fire Brigade and Belize Forestry Unit. Belizeans resident in The United States, Canada and abroad who enlisted in or served in any of Her Majesty's Forces or Local Force and have been honorably discharged there from are eligible for membership and are encouraged to join.         more.......
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