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About Belize

Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America – a result of the fact that Belize was never effectively occupied by Spain.

Belizeans do not only listen to music, they have to move to it — everywhere and anywhere.   For many Belizean, music is a part of the national identity, a way of connecting with ancestors while preserving traditional and cultural practices.
English is the official language of Belize but Kriol is the language that all Belizeans speak. 

People & Culture
The people of Belize have an array of traditions and customs that represent more than 10 diverse cultures.  This is truly a melting pot of colorful personalities, making the 314,000 residents of Belize the country’s greatest resource on the tourism front.

For generations, the English-speaking people of Belize have been committed to preserving the country's unique atmosphere and charm, while welcoming visitors with open arms as if they had lived here all their lives. 

When you travel to Belize, you will take part in a host of extraordinary, untrodden experiences, but you won’t feel like a stranger in this land.  One of the most endearing aspects of the Belizean people is their ability to achieve a very real and intimate connection with visitors from any country and every walk of life. The warm and friendly welcome you’ll receive in Belize combined with the breathtaking adventures you’ll experience will stir your soul, expand your mind and forever change your life.

More than a vacation, Belize is a state of being.  It is a place where your senses come alive and you find yourself not just living, but savoring every moment. Just a two-hour flight from the U.S., it has never been easier to become one with the rainforest. To be one with the Western Hemisphere's largest barrier reef and its sparkling turquoise waters. To be one with majestic Mayan temples. 

   Come, be one with the wonder and excitement that is Mother Nature
The video below shows the traditional Belize Maya Deer Dance,
Belize @ 1984 Olympic in Los Angeles
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