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Barrow's Hall 151 New Road, Belize City
Sept 10th, 1962 & 1963, after the parade, the school children  from Freetown area stop at Barrow's Hall to received their refreshment and lemonade 
1963 Belizean girls 
@ Barrow's Hall
Barrow's Hall residence furnitures "all selected figured mahogany pieces by Patrick Barrow Sr."  built by Belize's best furniture maker 
Mr Willy Reynolds.
Antique figured mahogany furnitures pieces are being lock up in storage for tomorrow
Dance Promoters @ Barrow's Hall 1962-1965
"The Delmonts"
Patrick Barrow, Woolrick Bennett, Kennett Moody, Hugh Smarth, 
Jerry Locke
Barrow's Hall
That is the Barrow's Family house on New Road, which is still standing, albeit vacant! This scene was taken after a September 10 parade and school children came to the infamous "Barrow's Hall" to pick up their refreshment of a bottle of "lemonade" and a slice of cake! This event continued for several years after Hurricane Hattie! The house in itself is historic as it was turned into a hurricane shelter during Hurricane Hattie where upwards of a 100+ individuals were saved from that wretched storm. The last family that were saved during the hurricane were the Carillos from across the street. That family almost drowned and did not seek shelter until the storm was in full force. I vividly remember the number of men it took to stand behind and open the front door the let in each one of the Carillos, as the strong winds were raging! But, praise be to God, not one Carillo was lost, and the men successfully kept the winds from coming in and destroying the house! My sister, Sherryl Barrow, was born in this house; my brothers, Guy, Patrick and Bunny, started and ended their cycling careers at this house; our Mother, Effie, went into her "final" labor with what would have been the birth of her 8th child, and 4th daughter at this house; my Mom's home going started from this house; and from this house, my Dad, gave me away in marriage almost 45 yrs ago! Lots of memories! Am sure that my siblings, Patrick Barrow, Bunny Barrow and Sherryl Barrow have their own memories of times spent at 151 New Road, Belize City!
Barrow resident Barrow's Hall
Effie Olivia Barrow's
1924 - 1928