In the course of the year 1850, a number of the Presbyterian settlers in British Honduras, having had frequent communication on the subject, resolved to take steps for the establishment of a Presbyterian church in the town of Belize.  For this purpose a subscription was commenced, and application for aid was made to the Public Meeting.  Upwards of five hundred pounds sterling was subscribed, and on the 22nd of July the Public Meeting voted five hundred pounds sterling to assist in purchasing a site, which was secured in a central place at a cost of eleven hundred pounds sterling, and an additional sum of five hundred pounds was voted at the same time to aid in the erection of a church.  Two days afterwards the Act was passed by the Public Meeting.

This application was laid before the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland early in 1851, and in the course of that year the Rev. David Arthur of the Free Church of Stewarton, was appointed to be the first minister of the Belize Presbyterian Church, with the approval of Dr. Walker, who was then in Scotland.  Mr. Arthur arrived in Belize on the 20th January, 1852, and commenced public duty on the Sabbath, the 25th of that month, in a temporary place of worship fitted up for the purpose, on the site previously secured.
The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was administered for the first time on the 28th of November the same year.
The Rev. David Arthur continued to conduct services and to carry on a day school in the temporary building until it was destroyed in the great fire.   Church and school then met in different places until the brick church was erected and opened early in 1863.  Mr. Arthur retired in 1876, and in November of that year the Rev. John Jackson, formerly of Girvan, Scotland, was appointed, arriving early in 1877.  Mr. Jackson died on the 13th December, 1888.  
Scots Kirk in 1914 Rev. John Muckersie, formerly of Edinburgh, Scotland, arrived in the Colony, in April of 1889 to replaced Mr. Jackson who died on 13th December, 1888

Mr. Muckersie resigned on the 30th January, 1903 and for two years the Church was closed.
"Scots Kirk" or Presbyterian Church, built in 1863.  
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