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Marlon Travis Barrow 'CHORDZ'
  Marlon ‘Chordz’ Barrow: Hip Hop’s New Whiz Kid!
  January 11, 2016
  -------- Bilal Morris

When Marlon Barrow was coming up alongside his dad Patrick Barrow’s musical explorations, no one from among his teenage peers would have known that he was cut out for the hard grind of the Hollywood music business. But he had what it took though, as a hard working kid who grew up in South Central Los Angeles that was hearing every genre of music possible which trained his sharp ear to have become the music producer he is today.

‘Chordz,’ as he is known in Hip Hop circles among some of America’s most popular musical talents that range from rappers to R&B artists, Barrow has found his niche sound that carved out his brand as a well develop musician and present day producer. He has worked closely with musical artists such as YG, Ty Dolla $ign, and now the recent Australian female Hip Hop artist, Iggy Azalea.

Barrow’s signature production is testament that this young rising producer is moving on to claim his name as one of Los Angeles most sought after producers. With musical awards already accredited to his name, including a big one from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Barrow has proven that he can make the tracks, and produce quality that will stand out.

My long awaited studio visit and session with this very quiet but awesome American musician and musical producer of Belizean heritage, made not much surprises for yours truly whom has watched Barrow developed his craft as a youth within the Belizean community in Los Angeles where his dad owned many bands that included one of Southern California’s most popular reggae bands in the 80’s called Babylon Warriors. As a guitar player, the senior Barrow and his music attracted the son behind the garage where the bands had rehearsed. Very reserved and quietly observant, absorbing every musical note, rhythm, and harmony he could, ‘Chordz’ Barrow just waited for his time to release the monster he has become with making beats on bars.

As he showcased some of his tracks, the music was not just good it was too good. As a music enthusiast myself who came from out of the funk era, Marlon ‘Chordz’ Barrow blew me away with how well he had incorporated classical funk, rock, and R&B lines into Hip Hop, neo-soul, and even other alternative music that he was producing for some new American musical artists.

This was a musical genius in sight right there on the spot, and he sure convinced me that he was a professional at his craft, and was about to bend this new music into what he wanted it to be.
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