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My dad, Joseph Wagner; was one of my
biggest role models in music
Indeed, Belizean Dream, which in is a sense is the epitome of his father's dream, includes two of his father's songs: "Living" and "Tell me Why."  Original tracks include "Since I Found You" (co-authored with his father), as well as "My Queen" and "Turn Me On,"

The album's producer is Junie Crawford, who also did the arrangements for the music. The album was recorded in the studio of Carl McGregor, who also played bass. Other artists who collaborated for the album are Melvin McGregor on sax, Buddy Black on rhythm guitar, Andre Morris on brass, and Melanie Jacobs doing back-up vocals. His band is comprised of Robert, a drummer from St, Thomas; Belizean Herman Buck on bass guitar,his son, Mike Jr. soundman/engineer;  Andre on keyboard; and Buddy Black of the US on guitar.

Wagner, a father of 6, notes that his 4-year-old love singing; although he does not pressure his children to pursue music. 
Mike Wagner, who is based in Los Angeles, California, is the owner and the leader of  The Roots Band. He said that he has been playing music all his life, taking the stage at tender age of 13.

He and his twin Brothers Mark, became known as the Wagner Brothers in 1980s. They were the first guest artists on the local show , Live Cream. However. Mark now based in New York, went in his own direction, pursuing gospel music. 

Mike Wagner once performed with Lord Rhaburn as lead vocalist with Sam Hamilton. They toured New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Miami and California. He also played with Glen Bood and the Telegrams,

Today, he and his group, which have been around for about 15 years, do celebrity parties and tours in suburban areas of the US.
Wagner said that playing in nightclubs was really not his thing, He wanted to do his own thing, so he decided to form a group, which would allow him to do short shows and open air perfomances, He also dreamed of making albums; the first was Dis Da Fu We, by Caye Records.

According to Wagner, he has also performed at open games for Lakers and the Kings hockey team in California. For three years, they were booked to play daily 2-hour sessions during the California Cycle Tours, from San Francisco (BayArea) all the way to Redondo Beach, LA.

Michael Wagner and the Roots Band also appeared with Stevie Wonder in performances at a charity album event, as a school fundraiser in California.  Apart from his venture with his band, Michael Wagner has worked full-time as head of safety at Oakwood Elementary and High. School in the California Valley for the past 8 years. This gives him the opportunity to speak to the children about his life and his music.

He told us that he  very rarely plays for the Belizean community, because they are always busy in the suburbs.  " We get more gigs out there than in the Belize community," he noted.  Wagner has also been entertaining while on his visit to Belize performing at the Lucky Dube tribute hosted by Dara Robinson this Sunday past.

Michael can be contacted at <> or 323-335-0309 in the USA
Michael Wagner 
Belizean Dream "Lovers Rock"
BELIZE CITY, Wed, Aug. 18, 2010

Veteran Belizean singer, Michael Wagner, is in Belize on a short vacation until  Sunday, August 22, 2010, and he stopped by Amandala on Wednesday to promote 
his first full-length album, dubbed Belizean Dream.

The 10-track comlilation of lovers rock reggae features both original music and cover tunes from popular international artists. The album , said  Wagner, will  be ready next week at local music stores  and on I-tunes.

Wagner's father, Joseph Wagner, composer of the famous song, "We've Come A Long Way," commissioned him before his passing to keep up the tradition and to utilize the 30 songs his father left behind as a part of his repetoire of music.   
.Michael Wagner & Roots Band @ Staples Center in Los Angeles

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