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Wanaragua (John Conoe) 

The true origin s rather obscure. Some believe that it is a ceremonious war dance performed by the Carib Indians before a major engagement. There are those who claimed that John Conoe is an imitation or mimicry of the behavior of the Europeans (Bagalana). 

Whatever its origin, in Belize the John Conoe dance is an extended Christmas celebration starting on Christmas Eve with Wareen dance (a variation of Wanaragua) to January sixth (Diarey Dia de los Reyes).The dance troupe goes from door to door dancing and celebrating

In Dangriga "Belize" (Yurumein) Garifuna men wearing masks, dressed in white tunics, white trousers, a crown adorned with mirrors and colorful plumes, ribbon stretching over the shoulder diagonally across the body with the ends hanging loosely. The chieftain carried a sword as a sign of authority, while his assistant carries a bell and a purse. 

Today Garinagu follow the same custom everywhere especially in Los Angeles.  The Jankunnu music which is recorded on Babylon Warriors Punta Hits CD.  It is extremely fast. It demands rapid footwork directed at striking the front part of the feet or toes on the dancing surface as to produced an audible rhythm of the shells worn on the knee, creating a pleasing visual effects. 

In the nineteenth century various forms of Wanaragua appeared on many Islands of the West Indies /Dominica / Santo Domingo / Jamaica and others.
Wanaragua (John Conoe) researched by Clifford Palacio

World Cup - USA 1994, Inc.
XV FIFA World Cup
Organizing Committee
Los Angeles, CA
July 20, 1994

Dear Patrick,
   I want to thank you for your contribution to the international entertainment on the Festival Stage at SoccerFest. The Babylon Warriors were a great crowd pleaser and definitely enhanced the atmosphere at SoccerFest. Awesome stage show; costumes, dancers, music – one of the favorite acts of the whole ten-day Festival!
It was a pleasure working with you. Please keep me posted on festivals and events you are involved with in the future. 

P.S. And thanks to Pearl Warren for suggesting you.

Mitch Kirsch
Entertainment Director
SoccerFest – World Cup USA 94

John Conoe (Wanaragua) dancers