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The Warriors six members hail from Belize, formerly (British Honduras) has a unique sound and a forceful presence. The music of the Warriors is at once soul-full, gusty and melodically memorable, they are true and impressive exponents of Reggae music, born in the Caribbean that you can't hear without being affected.

The Warriors members include Patrick Barrow- leader and rhythm guitar, Harrington Trapp-lead vocal, Lesmond Sosa- lead guitar, Carlos Hislop-keyboards, Raymond Barrow-bass guitar, Emmanuel Good-Drums.

The Babylon Warriors writes nothing but this genuine hymn, as a matter of fact, all thundering evocations of Caribbean sensuality mixed with relevant messages. That's the thing about Reggae; it's where we're at right now. The trouble we're in right now, about government and science being used against people in¬stead of for them. About how the rich make the laws
for all, about strategy being made behind closed doors. Reggae encourages us to enjoy life, rise above the madness.

Warriors first album Title FORWARD, produced Karl Pitter¬son, was released in 1983 on American Music Label,--  LA GIRLS released in 1986 on Caye Records/American Music their third album title  ONE LOVE, released on Caye Records in 1989 with title track-BRUTAL- a reminder of how our brothers and sisters are treated in Africa in their own back yard, and TRIBULATION- a cut about the homeless situation.

Warriors have toured the United States and Central America, headlining venues such as Hollywood Palladium, Roxy, Coach House, and The Strand. BELIZE CAYE FEST (Los Angeles and in Belize) Jackie Robinson Stadium, and Bob Marley Day. Other performances include: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Santa Monica Civic, Starlight Amphitheatre, Beverly Theatre, John Anson Ford Theatre and Colleges across the U.S. Warriors have also been on T.V. shows such as new wave Art Theater, I on LA, Video One, Good morning America and Telemundo
Babylon Warriors have earned a place at the front line of the Reggae Troops.

Babylon Warriors 
Fan Club PO Box 431248
Los Angeles, CA. 90043


It was in 1978, when Babylon Warriors, a group of expatriates from Belize got together to play reggae music in their new home town of Los Angeles. They now enjoy the status of being L.A.'s first and longest standing reggae band.

In 1990, Babylon Warriors received national attention while performing their reggae hit, "Brutal," before thousands at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during the visit of African Freedom Fighter, Nelson Mandela.

Founding member of Babylon Warriors and L.A. based Caye Records, Patrick Barrows helped elevate the career of Belizean artist Andy Palacio as well as the Garifuna culture. Barrows heads the Belize Cultural Association's annual "Caye Fest", which celebrates the rich and varied culture of his tropical Central American country.

Belize, a newly independent, Massachusetts-sized country, is located on the Central American mainland just south of the Yucatan. A British colony until 1981, the people are mainly Black and English-speaking. The music runs from reggae to calypso and soca--at least that was the case until Punta came along.

Beginning with early musical experiments between two African groups (Creoles and Garifunas), this rhythm known as Punta, is mainly a Belizean phenomenon. But, with tribal and world-beat music's rise in popularity, Punta has put Belize on the musical map. 

Babylon Warriors electrified the rhythm from its traditional style taking Punta music into world beat arenas and straight into the hearts of music lovers world wide. 
" You better Belize it !"