Santa Barbara, California 
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Thursday March 5th 1981 


The Babylon Warriors
Fans of reggae music in Santa Barbara seem perpetually in wait for the too infrequent appearances of Jamaican artists on tour. As a counter to this, One Love Productions is presenting L.A.’s hottest reggae band, the Babylon Warriors, at Baudelaire’s Saturday, March 7th @ 8:30 and 11 pm.

Since the Warriors formed about a year and a half ago they have become a dynamic and pervasive force with a steady L.A. following. Their Single, “One Love” and “Feel Alright,” has received a good deal of airplay, and their first album is ready for release. The Warriors were one of the few local bands to gig at Hollywood’s Whiskey-A-Go-Go last year.

A real “roots” band, four of the six Warriors are from Belize (formerly British Honduras). They perform all original music, incorporating ska, funk and rock as well as direct roots reggae. Their music is vibrant, energetic – eminently danceable.
No one interested in reggae at its finest should miss the Babylon Warriors Saturday.

--- Barbara Gould
“Reggae on the Rise”

Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara
June 2nd 

Get skankin’! Moss Jacobs is bringing the Babylon Warriors, Los Angeles’ premier reggae band, to Casa de la Raza, Santa Barbara, CA.  Saturday, June 2nd for a show that promises to be an excellent display of the finer points of rockin’ reggae. This long-lasting six-member band plays silky melodies pulsating with sensuous vibrations. The Warrior’s original songs, calling for world reform and peace, luxuriate in a sea of synthesized rhythms impossible not to sway and tap to. Their ‘1983 LP, Forward, is evidence of their formidable reggae power and inventiveness – incorporating jazz, African and ska influences into a forcefulness and clarity that is smooth and uplifting. It’ll be an evening of musical pleasure no reggae fan should miss.

---Carrie Radio
Isla Vista Children’s Center, 
Santa Barbara, CA

May 8, 1981

Dear Warriors,

We want to pass along to you the final attendance count for your concert ”REGGAE MAYDAY” May 1st in the gym at UCSB campus. We are very pleased to announce that approximately 1600 people attended the concert, which makes this a very successful entertainment and fundraising event. In fact, we have gotten nothing but praise concerning your performance and the overall quality of the production; people are already asking when you will return for another engagement.

We want to express our sincere appreciation for your willingness to perform here for us and for the excellence of your music and show. We hope that we can schedule another event with Babylon Warriors for sometime in the near future. Best Wishes and Thank You.

Yours Truly,
Yoni Harris “Director”
Isla Vista Children’s Center 


University of California, Santa Barbara
Reggae Mayday, May 1st, 1981
As a Public Service
To the Dancing, Partying and Loving peoples of Santa Barbara, UCSB and Isla Vista, the kids and big folks of the Isla Vista Children’s Center, A.S. and KTYD present REGGAE MAYDAY: a benefit reggae dance concert starring the Babylon Warriors.
On MAYDAY, TONIGHT UCSB’S Old gym will be converted into a lush Jamaican nightclub with plenty of room for dancing.
If you’re tired of those postage stamp sized Santa Barbara dance floors then this Party is for you.

The Warriors, an L.A. based reggae group, have been seen and heard in Santa Barbara twice before and both concerts were sellouts. Their recording of “ONE LOVE” and “RIGHT NOW” are currently getting lots of radio airtime, both here, (KTYD will play it if you request it and KCSB has a live recording from the earlier shows) and in L.A. or Babylon, as some call it.
The two shows, which will include special guests, The African Drum Ensemble, will be M.C.ed by Karen Littman of KTYD’s Rasta Reggae and are scheduled to start at 7:30 and 10:30 pm. Tickets went on sale at the A.S. Office on Monday, April 27 and are $5.50 per show or $9.00 for both shows. The proceeds will go to the I.V. Children’s Center to help offset of the May 8th Reagan cutbacks.
Fresh tropical fruit, juices and eggrolls are among the foods to be served that night, all prepared under the watchful eye of Sandra, one of the members of the Isla Vista Children’s Center Parents Advisory Board.
So come on out and enjoy your REGGAE MAYDAY with the Babylon Warriors, TONIGHT and dance, Dance, DANCE the night away!
Tickets on sale at the door.

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