Because she was the type of person who could be depended on, the manager of Anglican Schools did not hesitate to transfer her to any of the City schools where there were apparent weaknesses that needed strengthened.  Thus she taught at St. John’s, St. Mary’s and All Saints Schools.  As if her services in those schools were not outstanding enough, she was appointed the first Principal of the Hattieville Government School, after Hurricane Hattie.  This event is recorded in the chronicles of her life, when the Duke of Edinburg visited the Hattieville School and gave her his autograph.  Incidentally, she died on Tuesday, February 22, the same day His Royal Highness returned to Belize

However, her professional life did not end there.  When the Belize Teachers’ College offered its first course in Secondary Education, she enrolled in the Home Economics class.  After graduating, she used the knowledge she gained to teach at the Belize Technical College and the Belize Junior Secondary School, No. 1, now Edward P. Yorke High School.  As you can see, her professional life varied in many ways.

But, her true vocation was her dedication to her family; so that when Raymond Edgar Eusey married Gwendolyn Idolly Blackman, it was a union in every sense of the word.  A union which produced four wonderful children: Glenda (deceased), Ronald, Griffith and Lyndon.  It was a union in which the couple experienced a lot of joy, and not a few troubles.  But through it all, they provided the kind of environment, which is sadly needed today in Belize.  Ray and Gwen were exemplary parents – loving, but firm – setting a moral tone which their children emulated.

Because Gwen was the kind of person who spent her entire life caring for others, it was she who opened her home to both of her parents during the last days of their lives; so that her entire family can attest to the fact that she was a devoted daughter and sister, a loving wife and helpmate, and an adored mother and grandmother.  Just ask her first Grandson, Derek.

Her surviving sisters, Mrs. Ernie Williams, Mrs. Ethel Simmons, and other members of the family, the many students whose lives she had touched, her colleagues and co-workers, and her many friends, can truly affirm that their lives have all been richer for having known her.

And, if anything can be said about Gwendolyn Idolly Blackman Eusey, it is this – She showed us how to love the Lord, and to strive for life’s rewards!   She lovingly told us of pitfalls and snares, and really helped us along with her prayers.  She taught her children and grandchildren how to trust and pray.  And now they all walk in their Mother’s way.

So as we say Goodbye to Gwen, my prayer is…..
May She Rest In Peace!

Gwendolyn Idolly Blackman was born  on April 11, 1926.  She was the last child of Mr. Leopold Blackman and Ms. Adriana Trejo.  She received her primary education at St. Mary’s School, and her secondary education at St. Hilda’s College, where she was such an outstanding student, that she was selected to enter the Monitorial System of Education at the age of fifteen.  She was such a firm and upright person, it was predicted that she would become one of the Foremost Educationalist of her time – an indeed she did, passing all of her Teachers’ examinations, in record time..  
Gwendolyn Eusey and Duke  of  Edinburg
@ Hattieville School in Belize
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