Elihue Flowers, was born and educated in Belize, Central America, where attended Wesley School and Wesley College.  His popularity on the local scene can hardly be forgotten.

He began singing at the age of 12 years and soon gained recognition while performing with the singing group,  "The Crystals",  one of the most versatile quartet ever to grace Belize entertainment world.

He walked away with the  "Voice Of The Bay", trophy in 1967, in Belize.

Elihue, migrated to the United States in July of 1967, and by the summer of 1968, he had his first single "We Can Make It"  (recorded with Fats Green's Band).  This was followed by  "What's The Use Of My Living".   While on tour with "The Professionals"  in 1971,  he recorded "Daddy's Home".   Elihue also recorded "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" with the Norman Ysaguirre Band.

In 1986, working with song writer and producer Raymond Barrow of the Unity Band,  "Under The Tree We Florish" and "Tell Me Now"  was released on the Caye Records Label.

During his career, Elihue has thrilled audiences all over the U.S.A., Mexico, Guatemala and of course in every district in Belize.

Elihue discography  "Tell Me Now" , " Under The Tree We Flourish"  is quite impressive for Belizean artist.  Any of these can be purchased online.

"Tell Me Now", EP
Released January 1986 - Caye Records

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