Lee-Laa "Balahu" 2005 Caye Records, produced by Patrick Barrow
Martha Weatherburn "Christmas Braam" 2004 Caye Records, produced by Patrick Barrow
Mr Peters "Neck & Back" 2005 Caye Records, procuced by: Patrick Barrow
Mr Peters "Brukdown Reloaded" 2004 Caye Records, produced by Patrick Barrow
Sir Peters "No One Di Care For Me" 2008 Caye Records, produced by: Patrick Barrow
Babylon Warriors "L.A. Girls" 1986 American Music / Caye Records (produced by: Steven Barncard)
Babylon Warriors "Tribulation" 1989 Caye Records (produced by: Babylon Warriors
Rahsul "Dem Enrage" 1987 Caye Records - Produced by:George Hughes
Elihue Flowers "Tell Me Now" 1986 Caye Records - Produced by: Raymond Barrow / Unity Productions
Andy Palacio "Greatest Hits" 1997 Caye Records,co- produced by Andy Palacio, Michael Hyde, Clinton Crawford, Patrick Barrow
Babylon Warriors "Punta Hits" 1997 Caye Records, produced by Patrick Barrow
Dana "As We Remember" 1994 Caye Records, produced by: Patrick Barrow
Michael Wagner "Dis Da Fu Wi" 1991 Caye Records, co-produced by Patrick Barrow, Clinton Crawford
Babylon Warriors "Forward" 1983 American Music Label (Produced by: Karl Pitterson)
Iwahni - 2005 Caye Records - Produced by: Patrick Barrow & Iwanhi
Sir Peters 
No one di care for me
Mr Peters
Neck and Back
Andy Palacio
Greatest Hits
Babylon Warriors
Babylon Warriors
LA Girls
Babylon Warriors
Punta Hits
Babylon Warriors
Drink Ah Rum 
Pupa Curly
Crack is a Killer
Elihue Flowers
Tell me now
Michael Wagner
Dis Da Fu Wi
Dana Martinez
As we remember
Dem Enrage
Bredda David & Tribal Vibes - Kungo Muzik 2010 (Produced by: Bredda David)
Maroon Kriols - Sambai Tyme 2005 -Tribal Productions
Bredda David
Kungo Muzik
Bredda David
no KIMBA ya
Maroon Kriols
Sambai Tyme
Bredda David-No Kimba Ya (Arranged by: Bredda David Obi & Junie Crawford, Produced by: Kungo Productions)
Pupa Curly (Crack is a Killer) Caye Records
Georgette Lambey -Dunguwala Wasamina -2007 (Arranged and Produced by: Jeff Zuniga, Patrick Barrow, Glen 'Q' Garcia
Georgette Lambey & Nuru -Garifuna, 2009 (Arranged and Produced by Nuru
Georgette Lambey
Georgette Lambey
Dunguwala Wasamina
Harrington Trapp (Wap and go lang)
Harrington Trapp
Wap and Go Lang
Harrington Trapp-Youth Man  2010 (Arranged and Produced by Harrington Trapp)
Harrington Trapp
Bella Carib-Impulse Del Sol  2007 (Kulchascope Music) Arranged by: Dayaan (Nuru) Ellis   and Produced by: Glenda Arnold-Heon
Bella Carib - Belize Going Wild (2006)  Kulchascope Music) Arranged and Produced by: Clinton 'Junie' Crawford
Bella Carib - Rhythm fever (Kulchascope Music) Arranged and Produced by: Clinton 'Junie' Crawford / Michael Hyde
Bella Carib
Impulse Del Sol
Bella Carib
Belize Going wild
Bella Carib
Rhythm Fever
Tony Wright - September Fever (Produced by: Tony Wright, Arranged by: Dale Davis, Juni 'Bow' Welch, Paul Flores, Lynn/Junie Young
Tony Wright
September Feeling
Supa G 'The General'
Supa G "The General'
Club Jam
Skyliters 1971-1978
Tribute To Spree
  OLD SCHOOL           R&B / SOUL                      DANCEHALL
Bootsy Rankin featuring special guest MOHOBUB FLORES, "Waalking St Vincent: Produced by: Bill Cayetano for Sellis Records Productions
Bootsy Rankin
Waalking St Vincent
Nicole Kimbrough (Belize has a NEW STAR)
Nicole Kimbrough
Dance up high
Iwanhi "Reggae Roots Gyal"
Kick it up
Michael Wagner "Belizean Dream"
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Nicole Kimbrough
Missing you on Christmas
Bella Carib
Have a Bella Caribbean Christmas
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 bredda "DAVID" OBI 
  brings to the world  
   Kungo Muzifrom Belize
Jesus Birthday, produced by Patrick Barrow / Caye Records
Nicole Kimbrough
Jesus Birthday
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Top Albums and Songs By Anthony Richards

Chordz Barrow 

A Keyboard player, Songwriter and 
Producer  and  have his own
 recording studio. 
"Spaced Out Studios"  

Chordz  had work on many 
projects included:  
YG  "Toot It  and Boot It"  
and TY$ "Never Too Much" 

Chordz is son of Producer Patrick Barrow 


Ernestine Carballo "It Is Time, So Fly
Ernestine Carballo "BELIZE SOCA QUEEN"  Every Day For Me Is Carnival
Unity & david Obi  *OH YEAH wi coming
UNITY feat. Rap Artist: B ARROW
Brukdong music
Kungo Muzik
 Memory Lane
Visit Belize
So Dem Seh
Artist's Corner
Belizean Patriots
I'm dat DJ