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Belizean Reggae
artists on the Rise

Ambileka "The Lovely You" 1987 Caye Records - Produced by: Karl Pitterson
Anthony Richards "Try Smiling" 1988 Caye Records - Produced by: Raymond Barrow / Unity Productions
Babylon Warriors "L.A. Girls" 1986 American Music / Caye Records (produced by: Steven Barncard)
Babylon Warriors "Tribulation" 1989 Caye Records (produced by: Babylon Warriors
Babylon Warriors "Forward" 1983 American Music Label (Produced by: Karl Pitterson)
Iwahni - 2005 Caye Records - Produced by: Patrick Barrow & Iwanhi
Rahsul "Dem Enrage" 1987 Caye Records - Produced by:George Hughes
Pupa Curly "Crack is a  Killer" 1988  Caye Records (produced by Patrick Barrow / Lem Vaughan
Elihue Flowers "Tell Me Now" 1986 Caye Records - Produced by: Raymond Barrow / Unity Productions
Harrington Trapp (Youth Man)
Harrington Trapp (Youth Man)

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Iwanhi "Reggae Roots Gyal"
Tribute to  Nelson Mandela
     Frid. June 29, 1990
Babylon Warriors @ the Coliseum
Babylon Warriors   from Belize made history on June  29th, 1990, of being one of the first reggae group to play Reggae music inside the Los Angeles Memorial                                                  Coliseum 
Then the lights were dimmed once again and to open the second half of the show the speakers boomed out into the night air the information that the next performance was bringing the spectators of this event the Caribbean rhythm of reggae.

“Please welcome,” said the announcer, “from the Central American nation of Belize, the Babylon Warriors!” And welcome them we did.

Never once in its history had the Los Angeles Coliseum hosted a live reggae group prior to this performance, and it was as if every person there that evening intended to make up for that discrepancy.

The intensity was overwhelming as the people rose to their feet with clenched fists held high and sang along with the Warriors. The song was “Brutal”, a track from their latest release, bemoaning the plight of the South African people in their homeland, and when they dropped the music for an accapella chant of ”Free South Africa”, the response was thunderous.

Highly visible among the front rows was another Belizean great, Bro. David Obi, he of the Cungo music, leading the chanting audience. All in all, Babylon Warriors did Belize proud
Babylon Warriors And Quincy Jones (centre)
-- Babylon Warriors with Producer Quincy Jones --
Manny, Jah Lem, Quincy Jones, Harrington Trapp, Carlos
Babylon Warriors -FORWARD-1983 reggae
Babylon Warriors