bredda "DAVID" OBI 
  brings to the world  

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Bredda David discography is quite impressive for such a young artist.  
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We no wa no Kimba ya:  1991 Caye Records
"Wa No Kimba Ya" 
bredda "DAVID" OBI

"Kungo Muzik"  
bredda "DAVID" OBI
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bredda "DAVID" OBI brings to the world  
Kungo Muzik
Obi is another of the leading musicians in his home country of Belize. The muzik Bredda David brings to the world is Kungo Muzik. He explains,"This muzik is one of the heart beats felt out of Afrika coming by way of Belize:' Since his debut album in 1984, "No Fear" which he wrote and produced, Bredda David has been consistent with his revolutionary blend of muzik. Hits from that album were "Experience" and "Belize; In 1989 BREDDA DAVID was invited to performed at the 2nd annual BELIZE CAYE FEST in Los Angeles. 

Bredda David (creator of Kungo Muzik) as he is popularly known in Belize as the most Revolutionary Musician in this small Central America Caribbean Country bounded on the East by the Caribbean Sea on the North by Mexico and on the South and West by Guatemala.

Bredda David & Tribal Vibes is bringing to his people and the world this muzik called "Kungo Muzik," which has the richness of several other muzik including the traditional "Belize Kriol (Creole) Muzik" also the pulsating drum rhythms of Mama Africa that will rock you from the very first moment you hear the muzik.

Bredda David was born in Belize City and grew up in Dangriga the Musical Capital of Belize which has produced most of the creative musicians and this is partially credited to the preservation of the African Culture in this part of the country. OBI has also lived in the USA for a period of time where he gained lots of his experience which he is now sharing Nationally and Internationally.

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Bredda David @ 3rd Annual Bob Marley Day, Los Angeles
Bredda David with Mr Peters Boom and Chime
bredda "DAVID" OBI  @  
Bredda David & Mr Peters Boom and Chime
Bredda David visited the museum of the Worlds' largest Reggae Music Collections by Rojah Steffens

bredda "DAVID" as he is popularly know in his Country and Internationally, was born 10-23-47 in Belize City and grew up in Dangriga the Culture Capital of Belize were music in very much apart of everyday life as the community is mainly people of African Heritage, Obi was raised by his Grand Aunt and Grand Uncle, after finishing primary school he move to Belize City to attend high school and lived with his aunt for that period of time after which he left for the USA like most people was doing at that time his Mother was living in New York city but David ended up staying with some relatives in Los Angeles, California he preferred over NY.
   Kungo Muzifrom Belize
bredda "DAVID" OBI
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